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AE INTERNET & DESIGN SERVICES’ mission is to assist our clients in achieving their ever changing business goals by providing creative Web site design, development and marketing communication services. Whether a company is establishing, evolving or reviving a new business, product or service, we develop solutions that meet your goals, business and marketing objectives, technology parameters and all other variables associated with the initiative.

We firmly believe good design adds value and helps promote business success.

There are three specific stages where a business must address their communication strategy.

The following critical points in a business’ lifecycle present the best opportunity to gain advantages in the marketplace.


Many of our clients come to us with a solid understanding of their business and product offering. They have a good product and know their target market. They know what they want to say, although they have not yet articulated their product’s key messaging and consumer benefit. We assist our clients in shaping their brand presence platform the attributes, personality, and communication objectives. That brand platform is then leveraged into the development of the identity, Web site and key marketing communication vehicles that help a company establish itself within the marketplace.


Market forces often dictate that a company re-evaluate or reposition its product mix or service offering. That can mean an expansion of the company’s current target market or a focus on another market altogether. Your brand may need to speak to a different audience and communicate a slightly different message. To survive under these competitive conditions, a brand must evolve and continue to build upon the established equity and augment messaging to meet the challenges of an ever-changing marketplace.


One of our key strengths lies in the revitalization of a dormant or eroded brand. By reshaping the brand’s platform and leveraging existing equity, we can help to re-establish a brand and better communicate their position in the marketplace.

Unlocking your brand’s untapped potential can help charter a new path and strengthen its visibility and relevance to its target audience.

Our Seamless Design Process

🢖 We get to know you, your website and your online marketing goals.
🢖 We work with you, planning each stage for your website to accommodate your budget and timeline.
🢖 We listen to your vision, likes and dislikes to ensure your complete satisfaction.
🢖 We offer you several designs to review, discuss and consider until we get the look and feel right!
🢖 We meet with you as often as necessary to ensure only the most successful outcome, working alongside of you face-to-face and via email, Skype and phone.
🢖 We will go the distance and will even make small changes or corrections at no additional charge for up to 3 months after delivering a final and approved website.
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"Design is thinking made visual."

Saul Bass

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