Whether you need a custom web solution or an upgrade to your existing website, AEDIS is a company to strongly consider.

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We specialize in delivering custom websites, website enhancements or complete website make-overs to make you look your best as compared with your competition.

Custom web design
Custom web design
Custom web design

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We work closely with you to learn more about your needs and what you want from your web presence. We listen and make suggestions regarding the best direction and options for you to consider. We translate the techy babble into plain English. know more

customized websites

Custom Websites and Programming

We specialize in delivering custom websites, website enhancements, and complete redesigns to make you look your best as compared with your competition. Our intimate understanding of identity design paired with our expertise in web building and development will help you elevate your brand to the next level.
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seo sem

Search Engine Optimization (SEO/SEM)

We carefully plan and execute search engine optimization strategies that include the content, usability, and metrics required to attain (and keep) valuable SEO rankings. We integrate your marketing plans with your SEO program, conversion funnel system, and audience target parameters to turn your SEM goals into real-time results. know more

Writing and Copywriting Services

Whether you need just some support or a dedicated partner with your articles, blogging, copywriting, proofing, social media, or other collateral materials, we are ready at our keyboards. Our content holds attention, drives engagement, and effectively translates to online sales with your specific brand in mind. know more

branding services


We spend the time it takes to understand your mission, vision, and values to match them to your envisioned brand, message, and audience. From identity, strategy, and positioning to makeovers, websites, and social media integration, we are passionate about our work and the results we can offer you. know more

eCommerce solutions

eCommerce Solutions

We build and develop proven eCommerce solutions to provide you with the tools you need to achieve profitability and success. We work with you to develop a tailored strategy and approach to fit your needs. Our methodologies are simple, and our results are stellar. know more


Our designs are not just eye candy—they’re a blend of creativity, skill, experience, and business strategy that turns your business ideas into tangible products and measurable wins. Let us help you speak to your marketplace through distinctive graphic design that aligns with your brand and message. know more

PowerPoint Design

Over 25 years in the marketplace, we have built a network of amazingly talented design professionals from around the world. We help your presentations stand up with the best and separate you from the rest. Whether you’re building a presentation from scratch or updating an existing one, let’s talk. You’ll be amazed at what we can offer on price, turnaround, quality, and support. know more

Sample Makeovers

Some clients have old websites that need to be redesigned for better search engine optimization. Here, we work with the existing copy, coach our clients on what else to add that is in compliance with SEO, and offer them the cosmetic surgery that renews and revitalizes their image. It is a fact that this translates to greater viewer confidence and ultimately increased revenue.

"Design is thinking made visual."

Saul Bass
Custom web design

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