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Latest Projects

The diversity of our clients reflects our extensive business knowledge, flexibility and creativity in meeting each one of our client’s unique needs and requirements. Our clientele value the close partnership we develop and the customization of each website we create for them. We typically maintain these small websites as well as commercial websites with online shopping.


The goal here was to develop a website that related to the warmth, personal attention and care offered by this comprehensive health care business. The design was to be modern, simple and able to expand in the scope of personnel and services. We also will be on retainer to coach their personnel with marketing, SEO, directory listings as well as Public Relations.


Super Fusion Cuisine

This client's existing website was done with great pictures but was not web friendly. Designed as more of an artists portfolio, we proposed a total makeover, adding their new menu, an up to date navigation system, and integration of the existing photos. Super Fusion is one of the best sushi places in the world with the biggest portions and the absolute freshest fish.


Mofenson Law Offices

This client needed a website within a set budget and already had done their homework with text, photos, and some websites that appealed to them. We discussed, advised, partnered with them and ultimately enhanced their vision. The website was a custom project keeping in mind additional features to be added over time, delivered as quoted and prior to their expected date of release.


Dyer Discount Liquors

This client needed to have some local web presence in this competitive marketplace. This 1 page design included 5 stock photos combined with actual store photos, directions, and a sign in for quarterly e-newsletters. Our last step was to update all online directories to match his hours, contact information,
text and url.


Keeper's Massage

Working closely with both owners we have developed their online presence in a competitive marketplace.We created their vision with the look and feel that best represented them and what they offer. We were given the remainder of the project to: outline the project, write website text, make meta tags and create an aggressive marketing campaign. The final steps will be to maintain their website and SEO as well as an online store, specials, and an active newsletter as they continue to grow.


Website Makeovers

Some clients have old websites that need to be redesigned for better search engine optimization. Here, we work with the existing copy, coach our clients on what else to add that is in compliance with SEO, and offer them the cosmetic surgery that renews and revitalizes their image. It is a fact that this translates to greater viewer confidence and ultimately increased revenue.

MAC-ATAC Sportfishing

Having had the pleasure of knowing Mac personally through fishing with one of the best, Mac asked me for help with his website. His original website had been done by a friend for free. It had never been updated and needed some serious work. We need our needs assessment, created some models, reorganized the structure, wrote new and edited old copy, added, deleted, modernized, redesigned, and finally slotted this new release for SEO. This website is just one example of what we can do for you.

Organix Inc.

A medium sized company who is a forerunner and leader in the Organic Chemistry marketplace contracted us to complete a full website update. This project included a new re-design, new logo branding, expanded navigation, new functionality, expanded text, and more while maintaining consistency and ease of use. We also completed initial SEO, directory listing, as well as providing a virtual training session on basic site management (best practices), and offering our expertise on other client specific web related items. Our next stages may include a shopping cart, quarterly SEO, updating newsletters, corporate brochures, etc.



The first makeover was 8 years ago and provided them with a web presence. This website was heavily optimized for Google’s search engine with this client ranked on page 1 for keywords: “environmental lawyers, Boston” - their core business; and page 3 for: “real estate lawyers, Boston". This new website has maintained these rankings and added a more comprehensive look while adhering to today’s website standards.


In-House Accounts

These accounts have been over 3 year contract website projects with a variety of work depending upon the specific business; several redesigns to keep the look fresh and to accomidate business growth (, shopping carts, upselling and cross selling products (ReadySetPresent); newsletters, extensive database and programming features (TrainingConsortium, Internships4You and HereIsMyCoupon); On-going SEO, directory listings, and link exchanges..

Here is My Coupon

Working for over a year with this client we have been contracted to develop requirements, use cases, propose and implement design, develop functionality in ASP.NET and build the e-marketing program, traffic and sales. Our team is the backbone for this exciting venture and we have almost completed the first 2 steps. This is a new business model that currently has no competitors and will expand internationally.

A.E Speaks

Our client's goal was to Create a brand new website that was unique and matched this client’s
particular individual style. He wanted to build a website that would stand apart from the numerous
other trainers and facilitators. A website that was fun yet highly credible, easy to navigate
and complemented the client’s existing brandings.

A. E. Schwartz & Associates

A unique banner adds something different and interesting to this corporate website. The client basically needed updated templates with CSS, some new forms, and better site structure. While an expansive website, this project was billed at 30% less than any other web design company with similar capabilities.

School for Managers

The goal was to take what was quite old and make this client’s most popular offering new and to provide them with greater credibility. The client wanted more of a modern business “school like look” while still maintaining its rich content, credibility and impact.

It's Your Garden

The goal was to build a more credible full service website that was soft and pleasing while informative. This project required several planning meetings, assisting the client with copy, copyediting, photo manipulation and general site structure. The original website enabled this client to create a small business. This new website is modern and allows for a competitive edge in the professional landscaping industry.

Training Consortium

A commercial website with over 7,500 members wanted a more catchy image to attract new members and show its commitment to continued growth. This was a makeover that added new photos for web pages, new banners and totally new colors. Our first concept proposal was exactly what the client wanted and the result is dramatic.The new look has led to new registrants signing into this website.


This commercial website needed a redesign to produce a modern site that users could easily navigate and one that was scalable for additional growth (new products and categories). The shopping cart interface was improved to build buyer confidence along with the overall site. As a result the final product has significantly increased revenue and search engine ranking and viewers spend more time on the website.

Mentor Protégé

This was a small niche website that just needed a small update. Text was moved accordingly to be more SEO friendly as well as easier for the viewer to review. A more intuitive layout with new navigation bar, template and color scheme was created. This was a straightforward assignment that fit the client's needs on the second mock up and was below budget.

Active and Pending Projects

These projects are varied and may include makeover’s, new interface, navigation, forms, SEO, additional pages, text development, a database and a possible shopping cart.

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